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Fully Managed Event Control Service

Our Event Control Operatives locate themselves in the control room to ensure a productive working environment for the liaisons with all staff members and any other bodies on the operator's radio channels, including Event First Aid Officers and any emergency services present. Our Event Control Operatives log all activity of the event from the arrival of staff on site to the departure of the last body. Our operatives are held accountable for any comeback from the event as they are responsible for the event log and so are very efficient and experienced in the role.

Not only do our services and staff members help provide a seamless experience for customers and a less pressurised environment for our clients, Armstrong Event Stewarding and Security Ltd are there with you both before and after the event also. From consulting and planning to ensure such an experience, our teams are also there with you after the event: not only for debriefs but for the cleaning of a venue and to help with any maintenance issues that occurred during. Our teams genuinely care about the success of your event and serve to ensure the best possible outcomes and to help plan your next steps.

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